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Start your mornings having infinite possibilities with this 
chronograph watch. Inspired by the modern man let this 
unique time piece give you confidence through out the day. 
This classy watch is made with quality Japanese Quartz movement pieces. With Features designed for the busy man such as stop watch and calendar. This carefully designed combo of dark brown wood and chromed finished edging give you the balance to take on 
the day. 
Start your day with infinite possibilities.

Every item you purchase from FR33 EARTH helps a village start a farm to get our of poverty.

Please Note: 
Due to the variable nature of wood, the color of your watch may be slightly different from the photo. Making your watch one-of-a-kind. 
Every watch is individually hand crafted by our artistic watch makers. We use 100% natural wood as a material, there may be some spots on the wood, This is not a quality problem.

Fr33 EarthInfinity watch

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