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MOCO's Artists

MOCO Gallery is proud to work with a select group of talented artists, some hail from the Gariwerd & Western Victoria region and others from farther afield. We actively seek to support the artistic talent in our region by facilitating exhibitions, residencies, talks and workshop programmes where our  artists are able to showcase and share their skills in a variety of ways. 

We are currently developing some exciting projects with some new artists who will be joining us in the gallery in the near future.

Angeline Baron

An artist working across disciplines including Jewellery and painting, Baron has been a part of the gallery's roster for some years now.
Her exceptional new series of paintings are on display in the front gallery, pop in and see them for yourself.

Amabile Dalfarra-Smith

is a Horsham based artist working in a range of captivating styles. With her prolific output and background as an art educator she is an artist who consistently delivers exciting new work.
​Dalfarra-Smith's Lino cut work is exceptional for both its inventive and unique subjects and its technical execution.
With hand coloured prints and unexpected perspectives, Dalfarra Smith's work stand out from the crowd.
Well known for her Eucalypt series of paintings, Amabile also works in styles that vary with her focus on a particular theme or way of working, her  masterful output is the result of working constantly on her craft.

Amber Noseda


Noseda is a photographer specialising in Wildlife, in particular birds in flight. Her images are striking for their ability to capture moments of movement and drama in both the animal and human worlds. 
Amber is currently working on a number of new projects, among them are images of wild brumbies in the mountains of NSW.
Her work can be seen throughout the gallery.

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